Friday, March 19, 2010

Tanaris Needs More Bacon

This has been somewhat of an old news. At least it is for me. My favorite morning deli is no longer in business.

Most of you will probably say, “What’s the big frinkin deal?!” See what I did there… I’m trying to reduce the amount of swearing coming out of my mouth and my writing.

Deli is a funny thing for us in New York. It’s mostly a small mom and pop store that sells a lot of variety goods. From sugar, cold cuts, sometimes fruit, vegetable, soda, cigarettes, to your morning coffee and sometimes simple breakfast. It’s your one stop shop for all of the simple little pleasures in your daily grind.

The one thing that’s important about them is it’s very hard to find a good one that fits your specific need. The criteria is very different for different needs.

I would not go to my sandwich deli to buy my bread. There’s another deli that always have fresh baked bread delivered that morning. The same goes for my fruit and vegetable. I wouldn’t go to my salad deli for my morning coffee and omelet since it’s not on the way between my subway stop and my office.

Favorite delis are developed over time as you developed your daily routine. I got all of my needs covered up till last week.

I found out my favorite morning coffee and breakfast deli is no longer in business. I was walking on a shitty slushy morning from my subway stop to my office. Typically the ‘Two eggs, hash and toast with coffee for $3.75’ caught my eye but that morning there was no sign. A large FOR RENT call xxx-xxx-xxxx sign was posted on the overhead coiling door. I was shocked.

I can’t believe the line cook who knows me by what I order (To him I was the bacon omelet with pepper jack cheese and toast with no butter guy) didn’t tell me anything. I was there the day before and he didn’t say anything?!?! I was crushed. Now I have to find another deli that’s clean, on my walking route, that makes good omelet, within a reasonable price, that brew good coffee. Grrrrr….

With the craziness that’s happening at work and RL, I really can’t do anything else in game other than leveling. My WoW time has been filled with constant interruptions and short period of time where I can login and actually do anything. Not much you can do other than level. Quests took 5 or 10 minutes each and that’s just perfect for me at the moment.

Now I’ve developed a habit when it comes to leveling.

For my Alliance characters I typically start them in their starting zones, then on to Loch Modan, then to Wetlands, mixed a bit with Duskwood, then continue to Dustwallow Marsh, Tanaris mixed with Feralas, then Ungoro mixed with Burning Steppes and Fellwod, finishing Vanila with Winterspring.

As I re-roll to the Horde side, I didn’t know where to go. Some zones can be kept but they’re all mixed up. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to ride into an Alliance town just to realize that the guards are beating me on my Kodo to death.

I love it when I got to Tanaris (and later on Winterspring). The goblins gave the same quest for both side. They even greet me with the same greeting, ‘Time is money friend.’ For a short period of time there I’m familiar with my surroundings.

If only they serve Bacon omelet with pepper jack cheese and homestyle fries with toast and no butter, I’d set my hearth in Tanaris Inn…. Forever…

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