Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's Paddy, NOT Patty!!!

Remember that.

Today I got yelled at in two separate occasion for being an ignorant St. Patrick’s day celebrator.

Apparently Paddy is the correct abbreviation for the occasion and Patty is a girl you dated in junior high. Or was it Samantha… I don’t remember…

On a separate occasion a ‘true’ Irish man told me the color of his beer is black. “Guiness comes in one color and that color is black.” he claims. His comment kicked my ego sharp in the groin since I enjoy my green beer during this festive occasion.

But then again, it’s light jacket weather in New York, people are wearing green and walking the streets. The sun is shining and the green beer are flowing.

No WoW today, go and enjoy St. Paddy’s day. Be merry but be safe.

Note: I found out that my green beer is no other than budlight mixed with green food coloring. Yay!!! It’s St. Paddy day everyday :D

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