Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Who Says?

Last weekend I decided to take control of the remote and steer us (me and wife) away from the usual suspect of Jersey Shore and Housewives of OC. Married life exposed me to many garbage television shows.

Talk about un-recoupable span of my life.

So we watched VH1s storytellers. It was John Mayer.

Now I’m not a big fan of music video television but I like this particular show and this particular artist. A combination of the two sounds really good.

It was a great show. John explained with great detail how he wrote his songs. He really demonstrated a high level of craftsmanship and passion to his craft.

While I’m aware that the World of Warcraft is a game, I really believe that its players need to show a certain degree of care playing it.

Like many other group related activity, this game also revolves around level of contributions to the group. When you slack other will have to pick it up willingly or not.

So when you hum ,”Who says I can’t get stoned?”

The answer is nobody. As long as you keep the tank alive.

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