Thursday, March 11, 2010

Corey In Moderation

Today is a sad day for me as I remember fondly ‘License To Drive’. Heather Graham wore super hot bangs in short mini skirt and the VW Cabriolet was the car of my dream. It still bugs me why they didn’t get a Mercedes Benz for the ending car since her name is also Mercedes. Budget problem I guess.

Well, the word is out and Corey Haim is no more. The cause of death actor apparently is still undetermined. Some says he overdosed on drugs and that sadden me even more.

This game we play and love have been known to some as the model example of video games addiction. I for one am a firm believer it’s not the game but the person’s doing. We are after all master of our own destiny.

I’d like to highlight one of the loggin tips as we all enter our beloved world of warcraft.

"Take everything in Moderation, even World of Warcraft."

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