Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Conversation With A Yogi

Last Sunday we had brunch with a good friend we haven’t seen for a while. A little bit of catching up is always good. Weather in New York these past days were perfect. I can definitely feel spring is in the air.

She got there first so the wait for table is not that bad. After the usual banter of words she mentioned that she’s a yogi now. I replied, ‘You mean you go to yoga class?’ And to my surprise, it’s more than just paying your monthly due, get a yoga matt and do your twice a week thing. Being a yogi is more of a way of life. The position exercise that most people are aware of is just a vehicle of their meditation. The idea is that these position can help the mind in meditation towards a higher enlightenment.

What really fascinates me is that the ultimate goal of Yoga is not what becomes popular. People are more familiar with the vehicle or the means to get to the essence of it.

It seemed that with the game that we love it’s the other way around. The pursuit of gear is spreading as fast as Paris Hilton’s sex tape on the internet. The one thing that should be the vehicle/means for us ended up consuming our obsession. I’ve seen loot ninja and guild drama caused by loot. It’s purple pixels madness in the world of warcraft.

The end goal of the game should not be gear. It should be the many feature that the game has to offer. The game have so many to offer (raids, heroics, explorations and quests, lore). Why would you choose to play dress up doll?

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