Friday, March 12, 2010


As we cross the Manhattan bridge on the subway, an older lady was screaming in my train this morning. Actually she was screaming since four train stop back. She claims, “THE END IS NEAR! REPENT!”

With so many talks around the subject of Cataclysm, I can’t help to think back on the many ‘end of world’ movies that have hit the street.

Depending on which flick we’re talking about,

The public is always the last to know. Usually they’re notified by big hurling balls of fire hitting high populated areas.

There’s always a crazy scientist that predicted the event.
Sometimes they have the ‘league of justice’ bunch that will save the world. Elites of the elites to take care of the meteor/aliens.

The message of the story seemed to be consistent throughout the spectrum. Together we can conquer the impossible and after the destruction there’s always a fresh start for everybody.

With cataclysm the expansion, to tell you the truth, I could care less about the stats change. I’m more excited on the event itself.

Will there be an elite group of heroes that gets to do their hero thing? Are we those hero? Will there be a raid instance created from this? Will Iron Forge or Orgrimmar be hit with big balls of fire? Let’s face it, Exodar and Silvermoon is as dead as Okemah Oklahoma.

Will Alliance and Horde combine force to fight in this instance? To spice up the rivalry between the two they can stage a misunderstanding between the two at the end of the instance so they came in as a raid group and came out in a PVP battle ground.

The end is near people! Let’s hope Bruce Willis shows up to save the world.

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