Thursday, July 8, 2010

Something Always Brings Me Back to You

From somebody that has let ‘Killing Dragons’ on the back seat for a while, I’d have to say let the people kill them internet dragons in peace.

The community blew up over this and it got a little too far than I think it should be. I have never seen the word raped, murdered, shot or stalked so many times on my RSS feed.

So many offered up their justification why they should or should not. Some offered examples of ‘what ifs’. I also did.

Maybe I shouldn’t. I’m not playing anymore, why should I care?

I’ll go with Typhoon Andrew’s conspiracy theory on this one, it’s all a publicity stunt.

Think about it. It brought me back to write about the game I left and might even re-subscribe.

I do miss them pixels…


  1. It had me thinking of trying another game. Go elsewhere, visit new and exciting places with different pixel combinations, kill different dragons...

    But WoW is something of a trend creator, if WoW can get away with it, then others will follow. The $ will show them the path, and corporations are built on the can-do-will-do principal when considering profitable actions.

    I know a negative publicity stunt is generally a bad idea, but in this case there are enough non-thinking fanboys with forum access to make darn sure the wider public never forget how they listened (I like to think of myself as a drooling fanboy who thinks...but anyway).

    In RealID and in the wider game ethics and privacy we have seen a very large community win a partial victory for itself; but the war is not over yet.

    Game companies are profit driven, and more power to them. Gamers need to be privacy and ethically driven, as then we can control the companies. After all it is our money that companies want, so they need to conform at least in spirit to our standards.

    Sorry about the length, I'm still miffed that Blizzard even tried (end rant).

  2. Rants are always good in my opinion. I discovered and learn something new everytime I put something on paper/screen.

    I actually tried Allods before I stop playing all together.

    Believe it or not, nowadays I spend most of my time in the kitchen. Found myself a book by Harold McGee 'On Food And Cooking'.

    From what I've seen so far, when Cata hits the street I'll re-subscribe.