Friday, July 9, 2010

Not So Secret Trade Secret

This is how I make my gold.

The method has been very good to me. It has not make me a gold millionaire, but it has allow me to not worry about the best enchants and gems.

I don’t think it’s an original one. If I can think it somebody else might have done it already.

Here we go…..

Use some sort of an auction mod. Scan diligently.
Use lil sparky crafting mod. It will link your auction mod and put a scanned price to each of the glyph you can make.

Scan for herbs.
Since I’m lazy, I typically just search for the Northrend ones. Look for the cheapest one.
They sell for about 80 silver each on my server. This might be different on yours.
Before you buy them, read below on setting your price.
Buy them.
Make a macro /mill
Hot key it and press it repeatedly.

Since milling will need a pack of 5, here’s a simple math to set your glyph price.
A pack of 20 herb with 80 silver each will cost you 16 gold.
A pack of 20 herb will get you about 10 pigment after 4 millings.
10 pigments makes 5 ink
5 parchment will cost you 2 gold 25 silver (basing the price on resilient parchment –the most expensive one)
5 inks + 5 parchments makes 5 glyph
Total cost is 16 gold + 2 gold 25 silver = 18 gold 25 silver
Each glyph will cost you 3 gold and 65 silver. (18.25 / 5)

Scan the AH.
Go to Dalaran and stand in between the ink trader and the inscription supplier.
Open up your inscription window and find glyph that are priced above your cost.
Start making them.

Send them to your bank alt.
Pay attention as you post them, sometimes the price have change or dropped.
No worries. Just keep the glyph and wait a couple of days until they go back up to profit sales.

I typically try to have about 300-350 glyphs posted and about 100 or so sitting in my bag waiting for the price to go back up again. I only do this about once or twice a week. Not a very exciting thing to do. But it pays the bill.

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