Friday, February 26, 2010

Men in Tights

How many of you know the name Evgeni Plushenko or Evan Lysacek? Don’t answer that, it’s a rhetorical question.

When most of you are busy with the Lich King or rolling NEED on Frozen Orbs, I was reading up on the ISU Judging System.

Apparently the International Skating Union has always struggle to please its members. Most notably the figure skaters.

Evgeni and Evan got tangled up in its most recent scoring drama (shocker there) in the 2010 Torino Winter Olympics. Yes, it’s the bastard child of the 2 olympic but some of it is still good TV. My favorite moment was during the opening ceremony when one of the big ‘pole’ couldn’t get up. Get it???? Pole getting up??? Moving on….

So apparently Evgeni scored lower than Evan under the new scoring system but higher under the old scoring system. So he made a fuss about it. Does this reminded you of your most recent guild drama? Yes folks, WoW is an Olympic scale game.

Now other than revealing to you that I watched figure skating on my spare time (I swear I lost control of the remote to my wife that time) I was reminded of something that is WoW related. Yeah.. I can be really screwy in the head…

Each time I see a boss strategy or hear an interview, I always hear yes that boss is hard or easy but what I always miss from them is a common ground to measure it from. What we as a WoW community do not have is a BOSS FIGHT SCORING SYSTEM!!!!

Can you imagine that? Throughout the life of this game, we do not have a scoring system.

Now bear with me while I try to establish a scoring system to gage how difficult a fight is. Some of you will disagree, in fact I think all of you will have something to say about it. So let’s make a project.

Kevin Michael Johnson have his movie, Astrylian has his/her rawr, Woog will have his BS (Boss Score).

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