Thursday, February 18, 2010

Looking For A Box of Chocolate

Fresh of the boat level 80 DK and eager to measure myself. Feels like I just graduated from college, thinking ‘Now what???’ and ready to change the world. I can feel my balls got bigger, it’s time to play with the big boys. One look at my gear and you’ll see a scrub. But trust me… deep down inside, you’ll find a diamond… That’s what my ex-fiance said anyways… And no, we didn’t get married. No diamond there.

So I’m covered with regular dungeon blues and questing greens with a mix of dps and tanking gear. I hit the LFG tool and now I know exactly what Forrest Gump means when he said, “Life is like a box of chocolate”.

Here are some of the ‘chocolate’ flavor I ate during my heroic runs:

The primadona tanks/healer flavor
Most likely the result of ‘I only have to wait 3 seconds for a heroic group so the rest of the group better worship me or I’ll leave.

The gear score whore flavor
You’ve all seen this. Kept commenting how the other group member have lower gear scores.

The fighting parents flavor
They come in pairs, arguments range from:
-You can hold agro worth shit
-My bandaid heals more than you do.
-You guys sucks (all time favorite)

The ninjas flavor
Yes, there are ninjas everywhere… even on heroics.

The ‘I didn’t realize it’s not heroic!?!?!’ flavor
I was guilty of it once and I apologized for it abundantly.

The ‘I can’t tank/heal this with you all, I need Ensidia to run this’ flavor
Remember when a tank with 27k health was main tanking Patch 25? The day has come when a tank with similar stats got voted off an H AN run.

And many more variety, combination and permutation of the above listed flavors

I did a search on chocolate and found this from

“There are some interesting chemicals naturally found in chocolate. Xanthine, which is like caffeine, can make a person feel jittery. Theophylline will stimulate the central nervous system, relax the bronchi in the lungs and your blood vessels. Phenylethylamine (PEA) is similar to amphetamine. PEA reproduces the feeling someone has when he or she falls in love.”

Maybe that’s why we hit the random LFD button all the time. It’s like a box of chocolate.

It’s exciting not knowing which flavor you’ll get, you’ll get a ‘high’ and most importantly, you get delusional thinking that you’re in love.

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