Wednesday, July 28, 2010

DK For Dummies - Them Runic Power

So what about them runic powers?

It’s the light blue bar right under your health bar that’s filling up as you hit the mob and as you use your abilities.

You fill up your runic power by:
1. Applying your diseases (IT, PS).
2. Striking your target (BS, HS, SS, OB, DS).
3. Blowing your horn.

You lose runic power by:
1. Not in combat.
2. Using them for abilities listed below.

What they are used for:
Offensive abilities:
-Death Coil
-Frost Strike
-Rune Strike
-Dancing Rune Weapon
-Hungering Cold
-Corpse Explosion

Defensive abilities:
-Ice Bound Fortitude
-Death coil
-Mind Freeze
-Anti Magic Shell
-Death Pact

Since you start with 0 runic power and build up your runic power as you spend your runes, the abilities mentioned above fit after the ‘rotation’ we’ve establish previously.

So now our ‘rotations’ looks somewhat like this:

1. Apply diseases (spending runes, building runic power).
2. Strikes (spending runes, building runic power).
3. Spend runic power. (waiting to spend runes).

And that’s ladies and gents is the universal Death Knight rotation.

Whether you are tanking or damage dealing, in blood, unholy or frost, you will be doing those 3 activities. That is our core class mechanic.

Next post we’ll talk about pairing up abilities to maximize up time and minimize down time.

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