Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Always Practice Safe DPS

While I was in the subway this morning I got to think of why I play WoW. I can blog about it and it probably be a very boring post. Most blogger already post about it. So I decided it’s a moot point.

But something else was on my mind.

I will let you in on a little secret.

I let stupid DPS die… I let them die multiple times in a run if they don’t learn. And it felt great afterwards.

Yes, I have a healer. Yes, I have healed heroics with no tanks. Yes, I know I can keep you all alive. No, I won’t do it just because it will keep me awake for daily random.

If I practice safe DPS, the why can’t I expect the same from others when I switch to healing or tanking?

On a lighter note, I started the Quel’Delar quest on my druid. I won the hilt’s roll on a HoR run. It’s definitely one of the coolest quest line I’ve seen in the game. I’m hoping the next expansion have more of this.

Edit: I just found out that healer letting people die is not so uncommon.

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